14th January 2018

Series on Joshua

A 8-week series on the book of Joshua.   Topics include: Week 1: God was with Joshua Week 2: God was with Rahab Week 3: Crossing […]
19th February 2014

God was with Joshua (Part 2)

1. Lesson (based on Joshua 1) Hook: Have your parents or teachers ever asked you to do a big and important job? Perhaps it was to...
14th October 2012

Thank you God for all the great things you have done for me!

1. Hook: Memory matching game Prepare 12 rock-shaped cards. Behind the cards, print/draw 6 pairs of images; 2 of a kind. Mix up the...
24th June 2012

God will take care of my problems

1. Hook: Ever thought you had such a big problem you couldn’t solve? Maybe someone is giving you a hard time in school eg your classmate made fun of you or your teacher
17th June 2012

God fights the battle for me!

1. Hook: Option 1: Ready, Get set, Go! How many of you like to run? Who thinks they can run the fastest? Imagine you have to take part in...
4th June 2012

God stopped the waters for the Israelites. God can do anything for me!

1. Hook: Water pouring Bring a pitcher of water, a large bowl and a large towel. Show how you will pour the water into ...
20th January 2012

God liked Rahab; God likes me too … always!

1. Lesson (based on Joshua 2): Rahab & the 2 Spies Game: “I spy with my little eye” Hook: Have you ever felt that nobody...