21st March 2021

Journey through Genesis

A 17-week study on the Book of Genesis: Lesson 1: Creation Lesson 2: Two Trees Lesson 3: Cain & Abel Lesson 4: The Ark Lesson 5: […]
13th January 2019

Joseph, the Overcomer

A 6-week series on Joseph (Gen 37-41) Topics include: Week 1: Joseph: The Beloved Son Week 2: Joseph: The Lord was with him Week 3: Joseph: […]
24th June 2018

Incredible God Series

A 8-week series on the Incredible God who loves us.   Topics include: Week 1: Incredible God; Incredible Me Week 2: Incredible God & Ark Man […]
22nd March 2015

Joseph: The Beloved Son

LESSON SUMMARY   Joseph was Jacob’s beloved Son; Jesus is God’s beloved son & we are all God’s beloved children. Jacob trusted Joseph to check on […]
7th February 2014

Joseph: Review

LESSON SUMMARY   Seeing Jesus in the Life of Joseph Joseph was Jacob’s beloved son Because of Jesus, we are God’s beloved children   The Lord […]
2nd September 2009

Joseph: The Lord was with Him

LESSON SUMMARY   God was with Joseph. Joseph was sold by his own brothers and ended up a slave in Egypt … far from his father […]
6th March 2009

Joseph: The Forgiving Saviour

  LESSON SUMMARY   God raised Joseph to be Ruler of Egypt to save the world Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. He was […]
16th February 2009

Joseph: Promoted to Glory

LESSON SUMMARY   The Lord was all Joseph had — and he was enough. Joseph had nothing. He was a slave and slaves had no rights. […]