15th June 2015

Nehemiah: No more Debt! (Neh 5)

1. HOOK: IOU Teaching kids about interest (can use any other example you find helpful) Prepare 10-20 of the same objects at the back of the […]
1st February 2015

Nehemiah: The Gospel in the Gates – Fountain Gate (Neh 3f)

1. HOOK: Song: Deep and wide Teach actions; omit words at each round and go faster and faster and faster! Can work for all ages Simple […]
31st December 2014

Tears & Joy at the Water Gate (Nehemiah 8)

1. ICEBREAKER Something related to a mirror, in line with lesson of the Law as a mirror; e.g. 2 groups. Each group takes turns to do […]
22nd September 2014

Response To The Rubble – Nehemiah 2

By Datuk Tony Tia [thaudio href=’https://tncchurch.org/media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/140112%20-%20Response%20To%20The%20Rubble.mp3′]Response To The Rubble[/thaudio]
31st August 2014

Nehemiah: Trickery & Treachery (Neh 6)

1. HOOK: Rock, Paper, Scissors Any game that involves a bit of trickery — try to trick your opponent — such as rock, paper, scissors Get […]
27th July 2014

Nehemiah: The Gospel in the Gates – East Gate (Neh 3i)

1. HOOK: Song: From the Rising of the Sun (with actions)  The Lord of the Rings (optional) How many of you have read or watched the […]
6th July 2014

Nehemiah: The Gospel in the Gates – Water Gate (Neh 3g)

1. HOOK: What do you do when you wake up in the morning? Song (younger class): This is the way we wash our face, wash our […]
18th June 2014

Nehemiah: The Gospel in the Gates – Valley Gate (Neh 3d)

1. HOOK: Dark in the Valley: Stack chairs in 2 rows to create a valley in between, where the kids will sit. Turn off the lights […]
1st June 2014

Nehemiah: The Gospel in the Gates – Old Gate (Neh 3c)

1. HOOK: Illustration: Metamorphosis of a Butterfly (use pictures/props to illustrate; for younger kids, can use Dr Seuss’ “My, O My, A Butterfly” or “The Very […]
27th April 2014

Nehemiah the Cupbearer (Neh 2)

1. HOOK Play a fun, simple wall-building icebreaker, e.g. Prepare blocks/Uno stacko. Kids take turns to run forward and place a brick, then run back, and […]
9th February 2014

Overcoming Opposition (Nehemiah 6)

1.      ICEBREAKER Set a challenge that the youths have to complete, but include various “attacks” to distract and make their task more difficult. E.g. Try to […]
23rd January 2014

Nehemiah: Facing Opposition (Neh 4)

1. STORY: FACING OPPOSITION (Nehemiah 4) Recap We’re following the adventures of Nehemiah as he and the people of Israel work together to rebuild the walls […]
12th January 2014

The Cupbearer & Wall Builder (Nehemiah 1 & 2)

1.      ICEBREAKER Play a fun, simple icebreaker (preferably “cup” or “wall” theme), e.g. Cup Stack Relay   2.      LESSON: The Cupbearer & Wall Builder (Nehemiah 1 […]
4th November 2013

Nehemiah: The Gospel in the Gates – Sheep Gate (Neh 3a)

1. STORY: The Gospel in the Gates (Neh 3:1-32) Once Nehemiah announced his plan to rebuild the wall, the work began. There were 42 groups of […]
22nd April 2013

Overcoming Opposition – Nehemiah 6

By Alex Keong [thaudio href=’https://tncchurch.org/media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/140209-%20Overcoming%20Oposition.mp3′]Overcoming Opposition[/thaudio]