21st April 2019

The Cross Exchange

1. LESSON: The Cross Exchange A. What is a Covenant? (quick review) God is a covenant-making God:He makes promises with His people, and He keeps them! […]
15th October 2017

A Better Covenant

A 3-week series on Biblical Covenants for kids. [Adapted from: Cracking the Covenant Code for Kids]   Topics include: Week 1: God’s Covenant with David Week 2:  God’s […]
27th March 2016

Resurrection Sunday: The Cross Exchange

What is the result of the Cross Exchange? An Exchanged Life! Because Jesus died and rose again, our old life is GONE. We now live Jesus’ […]
27th October 2013

Baptism — New Life in Christ

1. LESSON: Baptism — New Life in Christ In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit came down on the disciples and Peter preached the gospel. 3000 people […]
22nd September 2013

The New Covenant Foretold

1. HOOK: “Can you do everything?” challenge Make an agreement/contract with the class. If anyone can do everything that you ask them to do, they get […]
20th February 2012

The Abrahamic Covenant

1. HOOK Who knows what a promise is? What do you do what you make a promise? Do you shake hands on it? Do you do […]