24th July 2015

A Walk-through Solomon's Temple

Lesson: A Walk-through Solomon’s Temple (1 Kings 7, 2 Chron 4) Set up room according to the following layout Prepare kids...
16th December 2012

The Temple’s Furnishings

1. Lesson: The Temple’s Furnishings (1 Kings 7, 2 Chron 4) Last week, we learnt about how Solomon built a temple to God...
1st November 2012

Overview of Proverbs: Jesus our Wisdom

1. Lesson: Overview of Proverbs: Jesus our Wisdom Besides building the Temple of God, King Solomon wrote several poetry books in the Bible. Last week, we […]
14th October 2012

Solomon builds a Temple

1. STORY: Solomon’s Temple (1 Kings 5-9) King David wanted to build a physical temple for God. But God said his son, Solomon, would build it...
7th October 2012

God gives Solomon Wisdom

1. STORY: HOOK: I wish I may, I wish I might … Imagine one day you were walking on a beach. And you accidentally kicked...
30th September 2012

God promises David a Forever Kingdom

1. LESSON: HOOK: God keeps His promises Write out some Scriptures of God’s promises (see appendix) and hide them...
29th December 2011

Review of Solomon's Poetry Books

1. Lesson We’ve been looking at some of the books of the Bible that Solomon wrote: Song of Solomon Proverbs Ecclesiastes Let’s see what you...
10th May 2010

Overview of Ecclesiastes: Look to the Son!

1. Hook: Blow wind blow game We played the game “Blow, wind, blow” just now. Have you ever tried chasing after...
22nd August 2009

Overview of Song of Solomon: You are beautiful

1. Lesson (based on Song of Solomon) HOOK: Ever heard couples who are very much in love talk about...