16th August 2020

tNCC Kidz @ Home

The Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing movement control order meant that we had to learn new ways of doing church without meeting together physically. It was a […]
2nd September 2018

Gospel According to Luke

A 9-week series on Jesus according to Luke.   Topics include: Week 1: Jesus calls us to follow Him Week 2: Jesus is Able & Willing […]
22nd May 2016

Series on Book of Mark

A 14-week series introducing who Jesus is: His calling, life, miracles and parables.   Topics include: Week 1: Jesus is God’s Beloved: Baptism (Mark 1:1-11) Week […]
30th January 2015

Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus

1. Story: Tell the story of Jesus healing the blind man (based on Mark 10:46-52 or Luke 18:35-42) 2. Lesson: The blind beggar, Bartimaeus...
2nd March 2014

Jesus Heals the 10 Lepers (Luke 17:11-18)

1. HOOK Video: Option #1, Option #2 Card trick Sign Language: “Thank you, Jesus” Hi children! You are all well-mannered children. I want to ask you […]
23rd February 2014

Jesus Healing the Bent-Over Woman (Luke 13:10-17)

1. HOOK Get a kid volunteer or your helper to assist. Prepare a large backpack (e.g. hikers) and some heavy books etc. Would be helpful if […]
16th February 2014

Jesus raising the Widow’s Son (Luke 7:11-17)

1. HOOK Bring a battery-operated toy. Take the batteries out ahead of time. Show the kids the neat toy you brought and then try to get […]
12th December 2012

Jesus has authority over evil spirits

1. Story: Tell the story of Jesus casting out the legion of demons from Luke 8:26-39. Remember what we learnt last week? Jesus and his...
2nd March 2012

Jesus feeds the 5,000 +++

Lesson: Jesus provides in abundance (Luke 9:10-17) 1. Story: Props: Some bread and “fish” (either fish-shaped biscuits or kueh bahulu) that can...
23rd October 2011

Jesus heals 10 lepers

1. Lesson: Tell the story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers from Luke 17:11-18. You can some pix from here. We’ve learnt about leprosy...
28th September 2011

Jesus calms the storm

Lesson: Jesus has authority over the wind and waves 1. Story: Tell the story of Jesus calming the storm from Luke 8:22-25 and...
11th September 2011

Jesus raises Jairus' daughter

Lesson: Jesus gives life (Luke 8:40-56; Mark 5:21-42) 1. Story: Tell the story of Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter from Luke 8:40-56 and...
6th September 2011

Jesus heals the bent-over woman

Lesson: We are more important to God than ox and goats 1. Intro: OUT OF SHAPE WALK AROUND: Tell children to walk slowly...
9th July 2011

I AM the Resurrection and the Life

1. ICE BREAKER Mummy game Divide kids into 2-3 groups. Choose one kid from each group. Get parents/kids to help wrap up the kid with toilet […]
5th June 2011

Jesus heals the woman with an issue of blood

Lesson: A touch from Jesus heals (Luke 8:43-48; Mark 5:25-34) 1. Icebreaker: Who touched me? Have the children sit in a circle...