27th December 2020

The MAD Crew: Making a Difference

Character studies on men and women of the Bible who Made a Difference (MAD). Characters covered include: Lesson 1: Stephen Lesson 2: Daniel Lesson 3: Samuel […]
1st March 2015

Jonah: Review

LESSON SUMMARY   Briefly go through the story of Jonah via pop quiz or pictures. Summarise the main Christ-focus lesson from each chapter: Jonah didn’t want […]
15th February 2015

Jonah: God’s Heart

LESSON SUMMARY   Jonah wanted Justice. God gave grace. Jonah was angry that the wicked Ninevites didn’t get the punishment they deserved. Jonah forgot that God […]
8th February 2015

Jonah: God’s Mercy

LESSON SUMMARY   When Jonah announced God’s judgment on the city of Nineveh, the king and the people all called out to God, begging for forgiveness […]
1st February 2015

Jonah Prayed (Jonah 1:17-2:10)

LESSON SUMMARY   Jonah was in the fish’s belly for 3 days, just as Jesus was in the tomb. Jesus died and rose from the dead […]
25th January 2015

Jonah: God chased him (Jonah 1:4-16)

LESSON SUMMARY   God knows where we are! Just like Jonah could not hide from God, we cannot hide from God. He knows us inside out. […]
18th January 2015

Jonah: Running from God (Jonah 1:1-3)

LESSON SUMMARY   Today we’re going to start looking at the Book of Jonah. The Book of Jonah reads like a fairytale. But it is a […]