2nd December 2018

Christmas Series

A 4-week Christmas series on Jesus, our Saviour, King, Emmanuel, and Best Present of All.   Topics include: Week 1: Jesus Saves Week 2: Jesus is […]
17th December 2017

An Emoji Christmas

A 3-week Christmas series. [adapted from Children’s Ministry Deals]   Topics include: Week 1: Angel Emoji Week 2: Surprised Emoji Week 3: Angry Emoji    
4th December 2016

Animal Christmas Tales

A 3-week Christmas series adapted from Children Ministry Deals’ “Manger Tales”. Topics include: Week 1: Donkey’s Story – Mary & Joseph (Matt 1:18-25) Week 2: Cow’s […]
25th December 2015

Star Watch: Our Faith Awakens

Our children church 2016 Christmas presentation … with the flavour of the month. Enjoy!   Star Watch: Our Faith Awakens
22nd December 2013

Jesus is the best present

1. HOOK: Christmas present Can anyone tell me what is special day is this coming Wednesday? Yes, it’s Christmas! How many of you are happy or […]
15th December 2013

Jesus God with Us

1. HOOK: Save the Ants! (Show toy ant or picture of ant) Let’s say that for some strange reason, you really loved ants with all your […]
16th December 2012

Prophecy: Jesus will be born in Bethlehem

1. LESSON Last week, we talked about a special visitor for Mary and Joseph. Who visited them? An angel, that’s right! What did the angel tell […]
18th August 2012

The Magi's Gifts

Lesson: Jesus’ Divinity, Holiness and Death This is a good lesson to use for Christmas or to start off a series ...
15th September 2010

Prophecy: Jesus will be born of a virgin

1. HOOK: Matching game: Animal & their young Prepare separate pix of animals and their young for kids to match them...
20th June 2009

Christmas: Shepherds heard the Good News!

1. Lesson Last week, we talked about a special visitor for Mary and Joseph and how a government ruling made them travel all the way from...