16th August 2020

tNCC Kidz @ Home

The Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing movement control order meant that we had to learn new ways of doing church without meeting together physically. It was a […]
22nd September 2019


A 7-week series on the Book of Galatians Topics include: Week 1: Galatians 1: Jesus + Nothing = True Gospel Week 2: Galatians 2: Righteousness by […]
23rd June 2019


A 3-week series on Psalm 1   A 2-week series on Psalm 100  
21st April 2019

The Cross Exchange

1. LESSON: The Cross Exchange A. What is a Covenant? (quick review) God is a covenant-making God:He makes promises with His people, and He keeps them! […]
7th April 2019

Easter series

A 2-week Easter series Topics include: Week 1: Palm Sunday: Let’s Welcome our King Week 2: Good Friday: Jesus Chose Us  
3rd March 2019

Parables of Jesus

A 4-week series on Jesus’ Parables Topics include: Week 1: Parable of the Good Samaritan Week 2: Parable of the Lost Sheep Week 3: Parable o […]
13th January 2019

Joseph, the Overcomer

A 6-week series on Joseph (Gen 37-41) Topics include: Week 1: Joseph: The Beloved Son Week 2: Joseph: The Lord was with him Week 3: Joseph: […]
2nd December 2018

Christmas Series

A 4-week Christmas series on Jesus, our Saviour, King, Emmanuel, and Best Present of All.   Topics include: Week 1: Jesus Saves Week 2: Jesus is […]
2nd September 2018

Gospel According to Luke

A 9-week series on Jesus according to Luke.   Topics include: Week 1: Jesus calls us to follow Him Week 2: Jesus is Able & Willing […]
24th June 2018

Incredible God Series

A 8-week series on the Incredible God who loves us.   Topics include: Week 1: Incredible God; Incredible Me Week 2: Incredible God & Ark Man […]
15th April 2018

Jesus, the I AM

A 8-week series on the I AMs of Jesus.   Topics include: Week 1: I AM the Bread of Life Week 2: I AM the Light […]
25th March 2018

Palm & Resurrection Sundays

Celebrate passion week with these lessons on: Palm Sunday: Let’s Welcome the King Resurrection Sunday: Jesus is Alive in Me!    
14th January 2018

Series on Joshua

A 8-week series on the book of Joshua.   Topics include: Week 1: God was with Joshua Week 2: God was with Rahab Week 3: Crossing […]
7th January 2018

God’s Promises are True

A reminder that every promise is “Yes and Amen” in Christ Jesus!    
17th December 2017

An Emoji Christmas

A 3-week Christmas series. [adapted from Children’s Ministry Deals]   Topics include: Week 1: Angel Emoji Week 2: Surprised Emoji Week 3: Angry Emoji