31st October 2019

Living As Anointed Ones: 1 Samuel 18

By Eusoffe Chua [thaudio href=’https://tncchurch.org/media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/140831%20-%20Living%20As%20Anointed%20Ones.mp3′]Living As Anointed Ones[/thaudio]
30th October 2019

Safe & Sound (Session 3a)

By Paul Anderson Walsh, The Grace Project [thaudio href=’https://tncchurch.org/media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/SnS_3a_Night.mp3′]Safe & Sound (Session 3a)  [/thaudio]
27th October 2019

The New Covenant Sabbath Rest

By Pastor Peter Sze [thaudio href=’https://tncchurch.org/media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/130929%20-%20The%20New%20Covenant%20Sabbath%20Rest.mp3′]The New Covenant Sabbath Rest[/thaudio]
23rd October 2019

Abraham: Signs of Grace

By Eusoffe Chua [thaudio href=’https://tncchurch.org/media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/110220_Abraham6_SignsofGrace.mp3′]Abraham: Signs of Grace   [/thaudio]
14th October 2019

The Gospel In Isaiah

By Pastor Peter Sze [thaudio href=’https://tncchurch.org/media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/141221%20-%20The%20Gospel%20In%20Isaiah.mp3′]The Gospel In Isaiah[/thaudio]
2nd December 2018

Christmas Series

A 4-week Christmas series on Jesus, our Saviour, King, Emmanuel, and Best Present of All.   Topics include: Week 1: Jesus Saves Week 2: Jesus is […]
16th November 2014

David & God’s Ark

1. STORY: David & God’s Ark (2 Sam 6) We’ve been learning about a person called David. What have we learnt about him so far? David […]
22nd September 2014

Response To The Rubble – Nehemiah 2

By Datuk Tony Tia [thaudio href=’https://tncchurch.org/media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/140112%20-%20Response%20To%20The%20Rubble.mp3′]Response To The Rubble[/thaudio]
22nd April 2013

Overcoming Opposition – Nehemiah 6

By Alex Keong [thaudio href=’https://tncchurch.org/media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/140209-%20Overcoming%20Oposition.mp3′]Overcoming Opposition[/thaudio]
20th June 2010

Joseph: A Man of Integrity & Forgiveness

By Dtk Tony Tiah [thaudio href=’http://media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/100620_Integrity_Forgiveness.mp3′]Joseph: A Man of Integrity & Forgiveness  [/thaudio]
23rd May 2010

Joseph: His Presence in Potiphar’s House & Prison

By Pastor Peter Sze [thaudio href=’http://media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/100523_His_Presence.mp3′]Joseph: His Presence in Potiphar’s House & Prison  [/thaudio]
2nd May 2010

Joseph: Firstborn & Beloved

By Pastor Peter Sze [thaudio href=’http://media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/JosephFirstbornBeloved.mp3′]Joseph: Firstborn & Beloved  [/thaudio]