22nd April 2018

God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac

Lesson: God Provides the Lamb 1. Story: Tell the story of God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac from Genesis 22:1-19. Abraham was...
8th August 2013

Abraham & the Child of Laughter

Lesson: Nothing is too difficult for God (Gen 11-21) 1. Game: Laughing Game Play a simple laughing game; modify as you...
9th August 2012

God promised to bless Abraham

Lesson: The Blessings of Abraham are Yours 1. Story There was an old man named Terah with 3 sons; the eldest was ...
20th February 2012

The Abrahamic Covenant

1. HOOK Who knows what a promise is? What do you do what you make a promise? Do you shake hands on it? Do you do […]