31st July 2010

Nehemiah: The Gospel in the Gates – Horse Gate (Neh 3h)

1. HOOK: Pin the tail on the horse: Instead of donkey, have a picture of a horse. Blindfold kids and have them pin/stick the tail on the […]
6th July 2010

God Comforts Elijah

1. ICEBREAKER IDEAS a. If You Can Hear Me Start out in a normal speaking voice saying, “If you can hear me, touch your nose.” Continue […]
30th June 2010

Elisha & the Bad Water

1. HOOK: Change! Experiment:  prepare  frozen  concentrated  grape  juice  in  a  pitcher  or  other  container; Kids:   look   at   this   liquid.   It’s   quite   yummy.   Taste   and   see.   […]
11th June 2010

Elisha Review

1. REVIEW >> emphasise the Christ-lesson they can learn from each miracle These past 2 months, we’ve been looking at Prophet Elisha and the many miracles […]
5th June 2010

Nehemiah: The Gospel in the Gates – Miphkad Gate (Neh 3j)

1. HOOK: Song: The more we get together The more we get together, together, together    <hold hands in circle and swing> The more we get […]
23rd May 2010

I AM the True Vine

1. ICE BREAKER: Vine Tag Choose someone to be ‘in’. When you say ‘Go’, the person who is in must try to tag someone. When they […]
19th May 2010

Moses: Deliverer

LESSON SUMMARY God goes before us! When the Israelites left Egypt, they didn’t have any GPS or Waze to tell them where to go. Instead, the […]
19th May 2010

Mary & Martha

Lesson: Jesus calls us to rest in Him1. Story: Tell story based on Luke 10:38-42. When Jesus visited his two friends, Martha and Mary, they...
18th May 2010

Simeon and Anna meet Baby Jesus

Lesson: My eyes have seen your salvationThis story actually takes place before the 3 Magi’s visit, but due to the...
16th May 2010

Exodus: Bread from Heaven

LESSON SUMMARY Why Manna? This was a special food that mysteriously appeared every morning on its own, 6 days a week. They didn’t have to do […]
10th May 2010

Overview of Ecclesiastes: Look to the Son!

1. Hook: Blow wind blow game We played the game “Blow, wind, blow” just now. Have you ever tried chasing after...
6th March 2010

Moses: Burning Bush

LESSON SUMMARY   Our God He is personal: He calls us by name just as He called Moses by name — “Moses Moses” He is a […]
11th February 2010

Jesus heals the leper

Lesson: Jesus is able and willing to heal 1. Game: Tag Have one kid wear a hat or something ...
2nd February 2010

Kings: Review & Kings of Israel

LESSON: Review & Kings of Israel (1 Kings 15: 25-16:28) In the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at the kings of Judah who ruled over the Southern Kingdom (2 tribes)...
10th January 2010

Adam and Eve sinned: The 2 Trees

1. STORY (based on Genesis 3): God created Adam & Eve in His image. They lived in the beautiful Garden of Eden...