9th October 2009

Adversary of the Wall (Nehemiah 4)

1. LESSON: Adversary of the Wall (Nehemiah 4) REVISE: Briefly run through the 10 gates of Jerusalem and what they mean (Nehemiah 3). (can be a […]
23rd September 2009

I AM the Bread of Life

1. HOOK: Bread! Show some pictures of bread — roll, toast, sandwich, loaf, baguette, pita — and demonstrate accompanying actions. [you can pick/choose the types of […]
2nd September 2009

Joseph: The Lord was with Him

LESSON SUMMARY   God was with Joseph. Joseph was sold by his own brothers and ended up a slave in Egypt … far from his father […]
22nd August 2009

Overview of Song of Solomon: You are beautiful

1. Lesson (based on Song of Solomon) HOOK: Ever heard couples who are very much in love talk about...
6th July 2009

Parable of the Ten Minas

1. Lesson: Tell the Parable of the Ten Minas based on Luke 19:11-27. The noble man who was made king is Jesus Jesus wanted to prepare...
20th June 2009

Christmas: Shepherds heard the Good News!

1. Lesson Last week, we talked about a special visitor for Mary and Joseph and how a government ruling made them travel all the way from...
30th May 2009

Joseph: Ephraim & Manasseh

By Simon Yap [thaudio href=’http://media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/100627_Ephraim_Manasseh.mp3′]Joseph: Ephraim & Manasseh  [/thaudio]
5th May 2009

Joseph: Cupbearer & Baker

By Vincent Yap [thaudio href=’http://media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/100530_Cupbearer_Baker.mp3′]Joseph: Cupbearer & Baker   [/thaudio]
6th March 2009

Joseph: The Forgiving Saviour

  LESSON SUMMARY   God raised Joseph to be Ruler of Egypt to save the world Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. He was […]
28th February 2009

Nehemiah the Cupbearer (Neh 1)

1. HOOK Play a fun, simple cup-themed icebreaker, e.g. Cup Relay: Kids have to run to and fro 2 buckets, carrying a cup of water from […]
16th February 2009

Joseph: Promoted to Glory

LESSON SUMMARY   The Lord was all Joseph had — and he was enough. Joseph had nothing. He was a slave and slaves had no rights. […]
26th January 2009

Moses: Saved for a Purpose

LESSON SUMMARY   God promised to make Abraham’s descendants a great nation. He sent Joseph to Egypt so he could prepare for the famine. He brought […]