30th January 2015

Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus

1. Story: Tell the story of Jesus healing the blind man (based on Mark 10:46-52 or Luke 18:35-42) 2. Lesson: The blind beggar, Bartimaeus...
25th January 2015

Jonah: God chased him (Jonah 1:4-16)

LESSON SUMMARY   God knows where we are! Just like Jonah could not hide from God, we cannot hide from God. He knows us inside out. […]
23rd January 2015

God is with Joshua

1. Lesson (based on Joshua 1) Hook: Have your parents or teachers ever asked you to do a big and important job? Perhaps it was to perform on stage...
18th January 2015

Jonah: Running from God (Jonah 1:1-3)

LESSON SUMMARY   Today we’re going to start looking at the Book of Jonah. The Book of Jonah reads like a fairytale. But it is a […]
11th January 2015

David: Series Review

We’ve been learning about a person called David. We’ll be going through these topics again today to see how much you can remember 🙂
31st December 2014

Tears & Joy at the Water Gate (Nehemiah 8)

1. ICEBREAKER Something related to a mirror, in line with lesson of the Law as a mirror; e.g. 2 groups. Each group takes turns to do […]
23rd November 2014

David & Mephibosheth (2 Sam 9)

1. STORY: David & Mephibosheth (2 Sam 9) We’ve been learning about a person called David Who was David’s best friend? Jonathan, King Saul’s son What […]
16th November 2014

David & God’s Ark

1. STORY: David & God’s Ark (2 Sam 6) We’ve been learning about a person called David. What have we learnt about him so far? David […]
10th November 2014

Signs of the Times

Lesson: Jesus is Coming Again Soon1. Lesson (based on Luke 17:20-37; 21:5-37) Introduction: Show some pictures of common road...
9th November 2014

David & Jonathan

1. STORY: David & Jonathan (1 Sam 18-20) Last week we learnt about David & Saul. Who was David? A shepherd boy who was chosen by […]
2nd November 2014

David & Saul

1. LESSON: David & Saul (1 Sam 18) Who was the shepherd boy who was anointed king of Israel? David Who was the king at that […]
26th October 2014

David & Goliath

1. STORY: David & Goliath (1 Sam 17) Tell the story of David & Goliath based on 1 Sam 17 Can use DVD or get kids […]
19th October 2014

David Anointed

1. STORY: David Anointed (1 Sam 16:1-13) We’re going to begin a new series looking at the life of someone very special. His name is David. […]
22nd September 2014

King Ahab & King Jehoshaphat

1. HOOK: Duckie Wuckie Everyone sits in a circle. One blindfolded person goes around outside the circle, tapping each head (like Duck, Duck, Goose). When the […]
22nd September 2014

Response To The Rubble – Nehemiah 2

By Datuk Tony Tia [thaudio href=’http://media.tncchurch.com/sermons-2013/140112%20-%20Response%20To%20The%20Rubble.mp3′]Response To The Rubble[/thaudio]