27th October 2013

Baptism — New Life in Christ

1. LESSON: Baptism — New Life in Christ In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit came down on the disciples and Peter preached the gospel. 3000 people […]
13th October 2013

Covenant Meal

1. LESSON: Covenant Meal A. Review on Cross Exchange (quick review) Jesus was PUNISHED so that we might be FORGIVEN (Isa 53:6) Jesus was WOUNDED so […]
27th September 2013

Elisha & the Arameans

1. HOOK Optical illusion quiz               Show a black silhouette of a soldier with a red cross in the middle […]
22nd September 2013

The New Covenant Foretold

1. HOOK: “Can you do everything?” challenge Make an agreement/contract with the class. If anyone can do everything that you ask them to do, they get […]
18th September 2013

Do not Worry (Pt 2)

Lesson: God takes care of the flowers. God takes care of me! Luke 12:27-31. Matt 6:28-34 1. Intro: Show pictures of King Solomon...
15th September 2013

David & Jonathan’s Covenant

1. ICEBREAKER Play any simple game between 2 teams. Tell them that the winning team will decide the forfeit for the losing team. After the game, […]
10th September 2013

Genesis: Leah & Rachel

LESSON SUMMARY   God blessed the world through Leah God doesn’t choose people the way the world chooses. The world chooses the biggest, best and strongest. […]
8th September 2013

The Old/Mosaic Covenant

1. ICEBREAKER: a. 100% … Perfect! Pin the tail or similar game. Kid to be blindfolded and try to stick a tail/sticker/ball etc on a chart […]
27th August 2013

Kings: Jeroboam and the Golden Calves

1. Lesson: Review of Kings of Israel So far, we have learnt: David: God promised David that there will be a Forever King on his throne...
25th August 2013

I AM: Review

1. HOOK Teaser on the I AMs   2. LESSON: Jesus is the I AM Intro Over the past 2 months, we’ve been going through a series […]
4th August 2013

I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life

1. HOOK Using masking tape or chairs, set up an obstacle course for a kid volunteer. Take your volunteer outside of the class and tell them […]
22nd July 2013

King Joash (Part 2)

1. HOOK: Voices in my Head Blindfold a child. Put him at one end of the class. Now mark the other end of the class as […]
7th July 2013

I AM the Good Shepherd

1. INTRO: Say my name Have the kids line up outside the class. Dress up as shepherds if you can. Call them one-by-one by name before […]
9th June 2013

Elisha & Naaman

1. STORY: Elisha & Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-19) You may choose to use a video, or have it interactive, with a kid acting as Naaman. Can […]
20th May 2013

The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Luke 18:9-13)

1. STORY Jesus told a story about 2 people — a Pharisee and a Tax Collector Who was a Pharisee? He is part of a religious/political […]